All Things Talent 2020: HR Stories That Trended This Year

All Things Talent 2020: HR Stories That Trended This Year

Businesses are used to scaling waves in the sea. Managements have always been adept at dealing with the currents and storms. But the waters have seldom been rougher than (and still are) in 2020.

Instead of flying cars and sustainable energy, this year unveiled events that came totally out of the syllabus. The positive: to adapt is human.

Businesses have changed the way they look at their goals, employees have changed the way they work, and HR and management have changed the way they manage the workforce and evaluate results.

Many of these changes have been forced on us, but that doesn’t mean we are looking at a bleak future.

Our team has also been on edge throughout the year and brought to you in-depth and insightful articles and shared opinions from HR Leaders on the latest challenges faced by the HR fraternity and the innovations that solved them.

As the year comes to an end, we bring you the most engaging articles from the monthly editions of All Things Talent this year.

The Engaging Eight: 

Here are 8 articles among the very many we have had this year that engaged our readers the most.

From Employer Brand to HR Tech: Building a Purpose-Driven Culture

ATT-FeaturedHR plays a major role in reconciling the interest between the workforce and the management and has emerged as an important strategic function over the years.

In this article, Smriti Handa, Regional HR Director – South Asia, RB, talks about the vast transformation in HR over the recent years and how it has evolved as a true business partner. She also shares her insights on creating an equitable workforce where Diversity and Inclusion play key roles in overcoming the challenges of finding the right talent.

Read the full article here.

Employee Health and Wellness – No Longer Just a Compliance Obligation

Employee-Health-and-Wellness-No-Longer-Just-a-Compliance-ObligationIn a year marked by pandemic, health and wellness are bound to be the top concerns for organisations. In this candid interview with All Things Talent, Geetanjali Wheeler shares insights into her journey as an HR professional, and why she loves her job. She also talks to us about the importance of having well-rounded employee wellness programs in the current times.

Geetanjali also shares her insights about building a successful learning culture in organisations and tells us what she believes is the true calling of leadership in an organisation.

Read the entire interview here.

Moving the Needle on D&I During a Pandemic

Moving-the-Needle-onThe call for a diverse workforce was gaining impetus in recent years. But the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted companies, and Diversity and Inclusion may now recede as a strategic priority for organisations. At such a time, leaders must understand diversity has never been more important for businesses than now.

In this article, Jitender Panihar shares why Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are critical for business recovery, resilience, and reimagination beyond the pandemic.

Read the full article here.

Balancing Expectations & Reality – Success Mantra in Post-Covid Work World

Special-Feature-Manoj-KenadathWhat’s changed in the talent acquisition and employee expectations landscape? In this special interview with All Things Talent, Mr Manoj Kenadath, Head of Talent Acquisition (India & EMEA) at Atlassian gives us the answers.

He talks about the changing world of work post-COVID-19 and how new-age organisations can use the situation as an opportunity to showcase their commitment towards their employees. He also shares some insights about the role the leadership could play in these testing times, how remote work might be the ‘new normal’, and what Atlassian, specifically, is doing to take care of their employees.

Read the full interview here.

Agile HR – A Mandate for Progressive Organisations!

Kenneth-W-Wheeler-Agile-HR-A-Mandate-for-Progressive-OrganisationsThe near future increasingly belongs to Agile HR and Agile organisations. In the HR profession, it means the ability to improvise and adapt quickly and take calculated risks.

Kenneth W Wheeler shares how HR can develop agility as a skill, practice, and DNA at both individual and organisational level.

Read the full article here.

Communication, Technology and Effective Leadership – Equipping Organisations to Manage the Cultural Shift Post-COVID

Communication_ Technology and Effective LeadershipAdopting a new distributed workforce ecosystem and reimagining work and workplaces are the needs of the hour. Ms. Niharika Mohan, Head Of Human Resources & CSR at Luminous Power Technologies (P) Ltd. suggests ways that can help businesses and workforces prepare for the future.

In her conversation with All Things Talent, she also takes a look at hybrid workforces of the future with employees splitting their time between home and office.

Read the complete interview here.

Expert Opinion: Agile Human Resources is the Need of the Hour

Agile-Human-Resource-is-the-Need-of-the-HourCrisis response was always a priority for HR, but the pandemic has put it right on top of the list. This calls for an amalgamation of HR and agile tactics. The capability of the HR function with which they respond swiftly and effectively to ever-changing employee expectations, workplace disruptions, and business demands is what HR agility is all about.

As the pandemic resets major work trends, agile can help HR leaders rethink employee engagement, performance, and experience strategies and deliver meaningful results more effectively.

Read the full article here.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Are Organisations Diverse at All?

Harini-ShrinivasanThe benefits of gender diversity in work and the commitments of organisations to uphold this is widely known. But is the reality different? Are these efforts proving fruitful?

Harini is a strategic HR leader with proven expertise in organisational restructuring for M&A and Change Management. She is a strong advocate of the concept of Happy Workplaces and suggests ways for organisations to make their D&I programs effective.

Read the full article here.

As the topsy-turvy 2020 comes to a close, these popular articles give you an overview of the HR landscape. But what do you think were the most exciting and revolutionary changes that shook the industry? Share with us your views and keep following our blog for all the latest trends and events of 2021.


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