How to Develop a Technology Mindset for Recruitment in 2022

How to Develop a Technology Mindset for Recruitment in 2022

Trends say the use of technology in recruitment is only going to increase. In addition, Covid has expedited tech adoption in HR. Technology is helping HR leaders become even more engaged in strategy, bring valuable changes and save money. Experts say Indian firms save at least $600 million annually by investing in HR tech. And if you are not jumping on this bandwagon now, you are missing out on a big revolution in human resource technology.

6 Mindsets You Ought to Drop to Capitalise on HR Tech


Let’s look at six mindset changes to capitalise on these HR trends:

1.  Let go of the technology-will-replace-human mindset

It’s high time to get rid of the mindset that technology will reduce the human touch in HR processes. Sheetal Bhanot Shetty, Chief Human Resources Officer at Infra.Market speaking to ATT said, Technology is an enabler. It doesn’t replace people. Your desktop, laptop and all technical assets have a depreciating value. Only your people have an appreciating value. We use technology to save time for HR, so we have a better time to bond with employees. “

For instance, conversational chatbots can easily handle simple tasks like basic queries on policies/recruitment. It saves the quality time of HR, helping the human team to focus on more significant changes.

2. Find repetitive tasks

There are many activities HR carries out which have scope for automation. For example, scheduling interview calls, screening resumes, answering basic queries, and the list goes on.

Let’s dig into screening resumes. A corporate job post gets loaded with over 250 resumes on average. So HR has to scan 250 resumes to find a good fit manually. Using resume screening software like NaukriRMS, Talent Recruit, SAP SuccessFactors, Zwayam, or Turbohire will save time and money.

3. Find task with a scope of improvement

Maintaining entire candidate information, interview dates, results, offer letter generation in an excel sheet can be a nightmare. Tasks like this need a process-change for good. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be used for end-to-end activities related to recruitment. For instance, Naukri RMS is a cloud-based popular ATS. It automates the entire hiring workflow and increases the speed of hiring.

Another scope of improvement is in the candidate evaluation processes. Having an online evaluation portal for the initial screening of candidates will filter out a few unfit candidates at the beginning itself. As a result, it will save time for both HR and the interview panel.

4. Keep up with industry trends

Read trending news in the HR industry to find out about technological advances. Here at ATT, we keep sharing exciting conversations happening in the industry. This will make you aware and experiment with trends.

For example, a survey shows that 23% of companies already use chatbots. We also spoke about it recently in an article. This conversation can be your cue to look at chatbot technology and see the potential to adapt it at your firm.

5. Encourage virtual collaboration

Setting up in-person meetings or events come up with a lot of overhead, like making venue arrangements, technical setup, checking availability and much more. Bad meeting organisation amounts to a loss of over $399 billion per year — a hefty amount.

Encouraging virtual events for different activities like learning, all-hands meetings, and other possible events will save a considerable amount of time and money.

6. Spot biases

Bias is a preconceived notion of individuals which impacts work. For example, men are preferred more for leadership roles. This issue is an excellent case to adopt technology and process changes.

For instance:

  1. Improve your evaluation system to hide the name and gender of the candidate during resume screening.
  2. In the performance management system, hide candidates’ names and past performance history. Let the manager evaluate based on work in the current year. It will help provide a rating based on the deliverable mentioned and not on the impression manager has of the employee.

Reiterating what Sheetal said: technology is an enabler. It will save HR time and help them give quality time to employees. Repetitive tasks and processes with the scope of improvement are potential candidates to adopt this change.

At ATT, we share the latest industry and strike conversations on HR Tech. Keep an eye on ATT for such insightful stories.


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