It Wasn’t the Crisis but YAAP That Was ‘Built for Now’

It Wasn’t the Crisis but YAAP That Was ‘Built for Now’

In this article we explore Yaap’s journey of standing tall amid the COVID-19 chaos, defying all norms, and ensuring the well-being of employees no matter what the odds. Read on to find out more.
The pandemic struck unannounced, like most adversities. It affected lives and businesses in equal measure. It came with many firsts: isolation to a new lifestyle to workplace habits to adapting to the new normal we weren’t acquainted with. A tall order for any person, wasn’t it?

Businesses began off-loading clients right at the outset, layoffs were rampant, and pay cuts became a regular thing among companies large and small. In the midst of all this, YAAP stood tall, defying all norms and cracking on no matter what the odds. Why? How? Well, to cut the story short, it was ‘Built for Now’, which is why it didn’t go off-balance when everyone else did. Amid all uncertainty in the business world, YAAP managed to win several new businesses, increased 35% of its existing workforce, gave out an average of 20% appraisal, and sail all-steady.

This journey wasn’t just an outward one, it was commendable inward too. YAAP ensured the well-being of employees during a time like this with various support programs. It regularly held workshops with industry and mental-health experts to keep the spirits up. Now, a consultant psychologist was on board, all to make sure that the employees don’t just cope with the rulebook of the new normal in business but also feel sound at a personal level.

To further engage the most-valued asset of the company, the employees, Yaap made it a point to have recreation time, regular town halls, fun games, yoga sessions, and impromptu team meet-up sessions. And the efforts didn’t just stop here. YAAP gifts Amazon Vouchers worth ₹1,000 to employees on their birthdays, apart from equipping them with a ₹10,000 grant to help them set up home offices. Amazing, isn’t it?

Also, while diversity and equal opportunity might be a trending topic among agencies, only a handful of agencies’ actions match these lofty thoughts. YAAP exemplifies this with a gender ratio of 1.5:1 and with women helming top positions within the company and leading the way in a crazy time like now. It pledges a 1:1 gender ratio by March 2022. Listed below are the names of some of the superheroes who are spearheading Yaap’s growth with all grace and aplomb:

  • Ms Avantika Bahl as AVP, Client Servicing
  • Ms Akriti Baijal as Director, Art
  • Ms Priyam Agrawal as HR Lead
  • Ms Ritika Joshi as Associate Creative Director, Art
  • Ms Sangeeta Mukherjee as AVP, BD, and Sales
  • Ms Sushmita Arora as Associate Creative Director, Copy

To further strengthen this vision, Yaap is charting a way forward to build on this culture of inclusivity by hiring people from more diverse backgrounds. As the Senior Partner, Manan Kapur quotes, “At Yaap, we truly believe in inclusivity, and not just as a buzzword. You will see that employees across every stratum of society will find equal opportunities here. But this is only the beginning for us – we have so much more to do.” This effort springs from one of its founding principles: ‘people always come first’. A way of life and thinking within the agency that helps creative talent flourish with all its idiosyncrasies. And isn’t that what a house of creativity and talent is all about? Yup! Or rather, YAAP!


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