Want Fast and Fair Screening? Recruitment Tech is the Way to Go

Want Fast and Fair Screening? Recruitment Tech is the Way to Go

Thousands of resumes flood inboxes; a handful of positions to fill! Coupled with day-to-day tasks of being compliant and maintaining employee satisfaction, HR professionals are no strangers to being inundated by to-do lists. 

But with changing compliances and a more aggressive demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the realm of fair hiring, tried and tested, legacy methods are failing HR professionals.

As much as we’d like to deny it, we cannot ignore the reality of unintentional and intentional bias infesting the hiring process. 

We cannot deny the current procedures have certain discrepancies that often put women and minorities at a disadvantage.

We cannot pretend that the hiring space creates an echo chamber by favouring certain types of people and graduates from certain places with a cookie-cutter skill set. 

Likewise, we cannot deny that this creates a phantom barrier between the desire to be employed and recruited.

This is where the power of tech and AI comes in. Read on to know more about how and why organisations, and their Human Resources departments, should harness their potential.

Why Do Companies Want HR Professionals To Use Technology In Screenings and Interviews?

In the war for talent, no one is spared. 

Organisations are desperate to attract and retain competent professionals. 

The evolving workforce demands an adaptable hiring ecosystem, and implementing technological solutions helps these organisations effectively compete for talent globally.

Additionally, HR is evolving into a more tech-dependent profession to help streamline administrative processes; improve data collation, access for employees and managers, and provide real-time data metrics to assist in strategic decision-making. 

The overarching benefit of recruitment tech is fiscal and allows companies to reduce financial burdens by cutting costs, both compliance and otherwise.  

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How Can Using Tech Help HR Professionals?

ScreeningIntegrating tech and AI solutions into Human Resources has more benefits than improving company image and profits. Instead, it has a positive influence on almost every working facet of the company. 

This could be both directly and indirectly. Technological solutions can help increase overall efficiency in the following ways:

By creating an integrated database

Keeping track of employee journeys, key success indicators, and potential for success is incredibly important for the hiring life cycle. Using technology to store and analyse employee data informs the entire talent cycle and helps drive more equitable and positive hiring decisions. 

By using data while hiring and crafting better job descriptions 

Making informative, catchy, and helpful job descriptions weigh heavily on recruitment marketing. HR professionals are better informed about more appealing descriptions with sentiment analysis software. This software can equally identify potentially discriminatory language that may deter candidates from responding to a job request. 

By attracting and sourcing candidates

Using candidates’ profiles and competencies, the top-of-the-line recruiting software uses algorithms to identify suitable passive candidates. Talent rediscovery software can also run through existing profiles in ATS to find known candidates who may be suitable for a new job posting.  

By shortening interview lifecycles 

Artificial Intelligence is used in HR practices to standardise recruiting cycle management and reduce the time and resources required. Increased efficiency and productivity, coupled with automated screening, often mean shorter recruitment cycles, which helps companies secure candidates quickly. 

By saving time

Integrating tech into HR frees up time that would previously have been lost on repetitive and mundane day-to-day tasks. It speeds up execution and reduces paperwork drastically. Using AI to automate and perform these tasks allows these resources to be diversified and used elsewhere, i.e., toward recruitment.

By meeting regulatory compliances

Governmental employment and wage regulations can change at the drop of a hat. Therefore,  HR professionals must consistently stay abreast of these developments and adapt company guidelines and practices accordingly to avoid compliance penalty fees. 

With recruiting software helping to provide advanced reporting features, HR professionals can stay ahead of the curve and avoid any potential issues. 

How Tech and AI Help Companies Meet DE&I Goals (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) 

While streamlining the entire hiring cycle has immense benefits in the ultimate hiring quality, meeting the soft goals such as inclusion, equity, and diversity are equally critical. 

Here’s how tech can help achieve measurable results in these aspects: 

Ensuring bias-free hiring 

Using technology and AI helps the recruitment process stay grounded in data. For example, with a completely objective view of the requirements for success in a job, automated screening looks purely at skill and experience levels and then matches candidates with a suitable profile. 

This factor eliminates unconscious biases that may lead to recruiters, for instance, favouring graduates from a particular college or employees from certain renowned companies. It also eliminates the chance of bias against age, race, gender. 

Personalising hiring

Besides improving selection decisions that reduce biases, technology can help personalise the recruitment cycle. This, in turn, helps attract and retain a diverse talent pool.

Highlighting cultural fits

Technological solutions adaptable to candidate profiles can immensely assist HR professionals. In addition, this could be a differentiating factor since systems that suggest cultural fits beyond surface-level characteristics are more likely to make progressive headway in DE&I efforts. 

Tracking applicants

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are an excellent tool for recruiters to seek candidates, compare them to open positions and use the power of AI to set reasonable hiring goals. 

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