The Secret Guide To Banishing Workplace Demons…. For Good

Workplace demons are not easy to identify and distinguish from the many problems that plague the seemingly ‘healthy looking’ workplace! It’s in the best interests of all the stakeholders of a company to work in an environment that is devoid of these.

What follows is a tell-all guide to identify these vermin and eradicate them from the workplace… for good!


The HR Manager’s Guide To Employer Branding has been actively engaging with HR managers over the years. We are passionate about hiring, and have a unique understanding of how having a great Employer Brand has a direct impact on the quality of your workforce. But, building an effective and sustainable employer brand is not simple… because there is no defined formula!

This eBook aims to demystify employer branding – whether you are a start-up, a mid-sized organisation or a behemoth…


A Practical Guide To New Age Appraisals

Does your idea of appraisals include a stuffy meeting room, an exasperated employee and a compromised performance review, which may end up as a negotiation game?

It’s time to do away with this version we all love to hate!

Download our tell-all guide to conducting appraisals effectively… and creatively!