5 Hilarious Memes to Beat Appraisal Blues

5 Hilarious Memes to Beat Appraisal Blues

The employee evaluations season or more precisely, the appraisal season is upon us once again! This significant period in the professional calendar witnesses employees don their finest work attire, displaying increased enthusiasm for their mundane tasks, and ensuring their job portal profiles are up-to-date – just in case. It is a time sometimes marked by heightened anxiety and too many rounds to the office coffee machine, as everyone strives to showcase their best selves and remain calm. Here are some quick tips to help reduce your stress levels!

       1. Channel Your Inner Zen

Pause and envision your performance review as a friendly chat. Picture your manager delivering their feedback with the warmth and humour of an experienced communicator. Consider approaching your appraisal as if it were an important date. If it goes well, it could set the course for your upcoming years. If not, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea!

        2. Appraisal BINGO

Craft a BINGO card brimming with appraisal clichés, like “room for improvement,” “exceeding expectations,” and “results-driven.” Cross off each phrase as you hear it during your appraisal. Scoring BINGO could make the ordeal more bearable.

        3. The Appraisal Playlist

Create a playlist of songs that capture the essence of appraisal season, like “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, “Work B**ch” by Britney Spears, or “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA. Jam to it on your commute or sneak in a mini dance party with coworkers during breaks.

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        4. Positive Vibes Only!

Before your appraisal, take a moment to reflect on your successes from the past year. Pat yourself on the back for overcoming obstacles and accomplishing your goals. By focusing on your achievements, you’ll boost your self-confidence and ease some of the anxiety that comes with the appraisal process. Remember, a positive mindset can work wonders in helping you navigate those nerve-wracking performance reviews.

And finally, when you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a quick chuckle, remember that there’s a treasure trove of memes just waiting to bring a smile to your face. So, go ahead, indulge in some appraisal memes, share them with your coworkers, and let laughter be your secret weapon during this trying season.

Dwight’s Appraisal Tips: Bears, Beets, and Better Performance


Take the credit you need!

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Appraisals are all about thriving on judgment!

Appraisal meme


Channelling your inner Dunder Mifflin!

Appraisal meme


Just like Mr. Bean, we’ve all been waiting!

So while we feel all the emotions these days as we wait for the mail, just lighten up a bit and smile. These memes can help you with that.


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