All Things Talent Masterclass with Nathan SV – The Storyteller: April 28, 2018
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All Things Talent Masterclass with Nathan SV – The Storyteller: April 28, 2018

What is it that separates us humans from the other species? It’s our ability to tell stories.

Each one of us has a story. We may come from different backgrounds and cultures, our stories unites and connects us.  Our Personal and Professional experiences are what help us in building our values.

That being said, some of us tell stories better than the others, which isn’t surprising, since storytelling is an art.  Which is why we’re bringing SV Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte India for an All Things Talent Masterclass this Saturday, 28 April 2018.


One of the finest HR leaders we have amongst us, Nathan will be sharing his stories with us, which will inspire us with his experiences. I caught up with Nathan for a sneak peak into what he has in store for us this weekend. Expect valuable insights into leadership, culture building and more, all from the very accomplished storyteller SV Nathan.

Stories help us connect. They help us reflect. Stories Inspire. Their beauty lies in the fact that they connect across diverse backgrounds, across cultures, and across diverse experiences. SV Nathan will be here to take us on a journey full of stories that leave a mark!

About the author:

Shweta Pathak is Global Lead: University Relations & Branding at Sun Pharma



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