Ericsson’s 5G Workforce Plan I Crompton CEO Mathew Job on Hiring More Young Talent I HR Leaders’ Priorities for 2023

Ericsson’s 5G Workforce Plan I Crompton CEO Mathew Job on Hiring More Young Talent I HR Leaders’ Priorities for 2023



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Ericsson Reveals Hiring Plan For The 5G Workforce
Priyanka Anand, VP & Head HR – South East Asia, Oceania & India, Ericsson shares how the organisation is devising its strategy to build a 5G workforce. Anand asserts going for a mixed bag of borrowing from within the organisation, building the existing talent, and buying from the outside. The company already has 22,000+ employees in the country. Read on to know how they intend to achieve that.
Crompton Greaves To Increase Women Employees In The Workforce
While Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. is strategising to make the workforce younger than it is presently, it also has the realisation that the organisation needs more women in the workforce to be far more financially sound than it is currently. Mathew Job, CEO, CGCEL explains how they are making that happen.
Top Priorities Of Global HR Leaders In 2023
Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023
As per a Gartner study, over half of the employees believe flexible work policies will affect their decision to stay at their organisations and they want their organisations to take action on issues they care about. An even greater proportion of employees say it’s important for their organisations to see them as people, not just as employees. That has the work of an HR leader cut out pretty well now. Here’s what the priority list of global HR leaders looks like now!
Practus’s Success Formula To Arrest Attrition
Practus, a tech-solutions provider, was faced with a worrying attrition pattern with recruits leaving within a year of joining and tenured employees making an exit after three years in the organisation. Aditi Nair, Group CPO, Practus shares how the company turned it around and brought down attrition considerably.
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AI Can Help Create A Future-Looking Workplace: Here’s How
Picture this: The American chip maker Broadcom sought to streamline a series of mergers and acquisitions that resulted in the onboarding or transfer of over 11,000 employees. An AI-based employee support solution provided a single interface to resolve their support issues and to answer employees’ IT requests. AI can thus simplify tedious procedures easily. Here’re more instances of AI and ML transforming HR activities.
Here’s A Guide To Plan A Perfect Secret Santa
Secret Santa is a great opportunity to inspire camaraderie and find the right balance in employee engagement between in-office and remote colleagues. Here are some tried-and-true rules and tips on how to inspire everyone to participate and help your coworkers find the right gift.
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