Half Grown Leaders

Half Grown Leaders

Successful businesses need good leaders, someone who can inspire employees and lead them and the business towards success. A good leadership acts as a beacon of light, whereas bad leadership is a sure shot recipe for disaster. The organizations need to understand that cultivating leadership skills should be intentional and not le” to chance.

Leadership is never brewed out of a fixed formula as it’s an ever-evolving game of negotiating with dynamic human behavior. To get the best of your employees one has to streamline their energies not by force but by liberation.Please Be Informed That:

  • When an organization is not able to expand its market share, it is because of its half-grown leaders.
  • When an organization is not able to pay salaries on time, it is because of its halfgrown leaders.
  • When an organization is shutting down its shutters, it is because of its half-grown leaders. Leadership is a very critical component of whether you are conquering or getting conquered because markets remain the same for you and your competitors irrespective of the segment of the market you cater to. While we are all aware of the above facts, there is silence in many organizations to expand the circle of leadership on the floor and across the organization.

On the reverse, most of the leadership is confined to a few cubicles and cabins, while it has to spread evenly and generously touching each and every individual who is working for his or her organization. With shrinking markets and mushrooming of competition everywhere, strategies and battle lines to counter the rivals can’t be with the few for sure, while this could have worked well in the past but not anymore at the Global marketplace.

Today it doesn’t matter whether you are a big company with a huge legacy or a small company with no history or back up because: “It’s not the big that eats the small but it’s the fast that eats the slow.”

We have seen market leaders like Nokia, BlackBerry who were commanding the markets like Gladiators vanished and vaporized into thin air with falling numbers, under the category of extinct species. The parlance we need to draw is no matter how big or small is your company; your leadership is the runway on which your company has to take off. As a ‘Corporate Psychologist’ I can tell you with all the authority that, when employees feel safe under your leadership, they liberate their brains into the ocean of innovation developing and breeding new ideas, concepts and strategies that accelerate your company by leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. This is exactly what I do when I work with corporates, which you can try and implement in your organization too.

  • Bring the spirit of collaboration among your team members and within your department.
  • Encourage your team to broadcast their ideas freely however naïve it could be in alignment with the set objectives and goals.
  • Let the team choose the best ideas and bring in ‘a common denominator and action plan’.
  • Let the team own up the action plan to deliver

“From a bird’s eye view, if every department and entity in your organization gets into such a motion of collaboration, it’s like a well-oiled machine where competition and competitors become a distant reality.”

When you set such collaborative strategy and action plan in motion, it’s anybody’s guess on the outcomes. Leaders encourage others to work to their full potential, inspire creativity and aid motivation. During turbulent economic times, the need for good leaders intensifies. Someone who presents a clear vision for recovery, leads by example and instils confidence in those around them.

Half-grown leaders, on the other hand, are the ones who breed slavery mindset in their teams by a show of power and authority. This is where the concept of ‘silent employees’ or ‘silent team members’ surfaces. They know what is going wrong and why it is going wrong but they choose to be silent, because of their half-grown leader who has cracked eardrums, who can’t hear to the collective wisdom of the team members or the unit he is heading. Good leaders are easy to spot. Bad leaders are easy to hide when times are good; however, with the tightening of the markets, it has become increasingly difficult to hide bad leaders. Bad leadership during turbulent economic times is a recipe for disaster.

We never get to see a half-grown bird, half-grown animal, half-grown tree, but we get to see in abundance half-grown companies. Think deeper!


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