Providence’s Madhulika Vedula Shares Mantra for a High-Performing Organisation

Providence’s Madhulika Vedula Shares Mantra for a High-Performing Organisation

, Director HR, Providence India
Madhulika Vedula, Director HR, Providence India

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic upended the traditional five-day, report-to-work week. While technological advancements had already set the stage for a change in the way people work—reducing travel times and such—the pandemic created a quantum shift. This shift didn’t only alter the way corporations operate; it also redefined employees’ perceptions of work in terms of experience and values.

Three critical elements that drive high-performing organisations are their core purpose, the wellness of individuals and their environment, and how organisations value authenticity.

Purpose: The heart of high-performing culture

Time and again, research has shown that one of the key traits of a high-performing organisation is a high-performing culture centred on engaged employees who feel a sense of co-ownership and are aligned with the organisation’s purpose. For example, at our parent organisation Providence, which is one of the largest health systems in the USA – with 52 hospitals, 900+ clinics, and a 170-year-old legacy of care – vision and purpose are crystal clear. We firmly believe that health is a human right, and we strive to deliver health for a better world. At Providence India, employees, called ‘caregivers’, are guided by this purpose. Having that clarity ignites passion for their work.

A people-first approach, in its truest sense, means creating an environment that cultivates individuals who are strong and accountable. The organisation’s design should empower employees to operate at their fullest potential, while embracing a sense of co-ownership and shared purpose.

For instance, at Providence India, our values—compassion, justice, dignity, excellence, and integrity—are incorporated into the performance goals set at the beginning of each year. These values are then assessed and acknowledged by managers as part of the outcomes delivered by the caregiver. 

Wellness: A mutual exchange between employee and organisation

In exchange for employees’ dedication, are companies meeting the needs of employees and allowing them to live their best lives? A World Economic Forum 2021 article highlights several key trends in employee expectations: work-life balance, flexibility, clear communication, and mental health focus. As a healthcare organisation, it’s imperative for Providence to emphasise wellness in every aspect of our work.

All these aspects should be incorporated into benefits planning. Maintaining total health—encompassing physical, mental, financial, social, and spiritual aspects—is paramount for an individual’s wellness. As a healthcare organisation, it’s crucial for Providence to have this concept of wellness clearly defined and actioned in all we do.

Similarly, for the wellness of the organisation, that is, to keep it healthy and robust, employees must embody the organisation’s values and purpose. At Providence India, we constantly evaluate whether our benefits meet our patient-care promise: Know me, care for me, ease my way. This focus on wellness ensures both individual and organisational health.

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Value for authenticity: Nurturing individuality and growth

Employees want to feel valued and recognised. Organisations should foster an environment of authenticity, where there is room for each individual’s unique thinking and learning, and pace of growth. Learning and development programmes, DEI initiatives, performance evaluations, leadership frameworks, R&D and innovation programmes and community awards not only align employees with organisational purpose but also acknowledge their value-based actions.

At Providence India, our recognition programmes are customised according to individual preferences, reflecting the acceptance of unique identities. Employees flourish when their sense of self-worth is amplified. 

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Ultimately, high-performing organisations are those that consistently deliver value, impacting themselves and their surroundings. Co-existence has emerged as a key lesson post-pandemic; organisations must, hence, endeavour to create workplaces and experiences that, daily, create meaning for their employees. Consistently driving towards a purpose, fostering a sense of holistic wellness, and recognising authenticity will naturally foster high-performance, with benefits for culture, people, and the business.

About the author: Madhulika Vedula is the Director of Human Resources at Providence India. With over two decades of experience, she has held roles across medium-sized organisations, niche consulting firms, and large MNCs, such as Deloitte and Bank of America – Merill Lynch.


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