GenZ Surpasses Millennials by 18% in Career Anxiety: ITC Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey
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GenZ Surpasses Millennials by 18% in Career Anxiety: ITC Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey

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In India, attitudes towards mental health and mental well-being have been gradually evolving with increased awareness and conversations towards reducing the stigma. In its 3rd year on Mental Health Day, ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey unveils interesting facts to understand further young India’s changing attitudes towards mental wellbeing and mental health. Commissioned with NielsenIQ, the survey covers a gamut of beliefs, behaviours, major stressors and de-stressors for GenZ and Millennials towards mental health.

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Workplace stress has been a trigger for mental health issues and impacts employee health and productivity. ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey reveals that 87% of respondents who are stressed at the workplace would appreciate better work-life balance policies. Stress and anxiety are a reality for youth in India, whether Millennials or GenZ, men or women.  According to the ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey 2023, GenZ surpassed Millennials by 18% in career anxiety. 58% of Indians turn to Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise to combat stress. However, music is the preferred choice for 86% of Indians to cope with stress and negativity.

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Key highlights of the survey:

The survey findings indicate that toxic work culture and career decisions are the key factors that cause stress in India.

Work-Life Balance and Career Stress: The survey states that 31% of Indians attribute pressure at the workplace as one of the main concerns for mental health issues. 50% of millennials attribute work-life imbalance as a reason for mental health concerns while 57% of GenZ are worried about career decisions.

Flexibility in the workplace: With companies becoming open to work flexibility, 62% of Indians feel stressed about resuming work physically at the workplace after having worked from home or in a hybrid setup.

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De-stressors and Approach: Counselling and therapy are working for some Indians as 35% of Indian Men are open to online counselling and 31% of Indian men are keen on taking counselling from therapists if their family or friends ask them to. 51% of Indians who believe social media has a positive impact turn to online counselling as a treatment option. 1 in 2 millennials are likely to seek professional help immediately.

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Speaking about the survey, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said “In its 3rd edition, the survey unveils some critical facts that can be a catalyst for more widespread conversations, a more nuanced understanding of the issue, and enhanced mental health support. Fiama’s endeavour to make mental well-being a more proactive conversation goes beyond just provoking a thought.”

ITC Fiama in collaboration with The Minds Foundation, has also launched its first Virtual Clinic. The Virtual Clinic is designed to enable affordable access to mental health therapy delivered by licensed professionals.


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