Top 6 Assessment Tools in India for Recruiting and How They Help
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Top 6 Assessment Tools in India for Recruiting and How They Help

Recruitment activity in the country has seen a steady rise post-pandemic. With Human Resource departments and Talent Acquisition teams searching for the ‘right candidate for the right role’, skill-based hiring has seen a massive surge. The barrier to finding the right candidate include difficulty in handling a diversified talent pool, sourcing strategies, delays caused by manual assessments and poor hiring decisions. To bridge this gap, recruiters are now looking at remote assessment tools. 

Of these, online assessment tools are an emerging alternative to manual, time-consuming assessments. Currently, over 47% of tech recruiters in India are embracing online assessment tools for hiring. The benefits attached to these tools are the reason behind their rising popularity in the recruitment space. 

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Why Choose Online Assessment Tools Over Manual Assessment?

Gone are the days of boxes filled with paper, answer sheets and questions. Students were used to taking timed tests at college campuses, waiting for a review from the team that manually reviewed it. This process was time-consuming and left room for errors. 

With the switch to online assessment tools, the experience has been positive for both recruiters and employees. These tools forgo old practices, eliminate geographic boundaries in the search for talent, set forth skill-based assessments and eliminate chances of errors or any form of bias. 

They also speed up the recruitment process, increase the quality of hire, can be scaled as per the number of candidates and provide a database for recruiters to access. 

Assessment when combined with automation standardizes the screening process. The remote platform offers a set of assessments across subjects such as psychometrics and aptitude, specific domains such as coding, and cognitive assessments, and simplifies the overall recruitment process. 

An advanced assessment platform integrates with the existing workflow of the recruiter providing hassle-free screening for the recruiter and a positive experience for candidates. Here are some of the top six assessment tools that can help recruiters assess and select the right candidates.

Top 6 Assessment Tools in India and How They Can Help Recruiters

  1. DoSelect is the top tool for assessments
  2. One of the best aptitude tests is provided by HackerRank
  3. HackerEarth is the one of the most accurate for coding assessments
  4. Mettl assessment provides one of the best testing platforms & tools
  5. Drive your talent strategy with online assessment solution CoCubes
  6. Aspiring Minds is powered by state-of-the-art technologies

1. DoSelect

DoSelect is one of the top tools in the country for assessments. The company believes in making talent decisions backed by data and therefore reducing the scope of human bias. The organization also offers an array of online assessments for a variety of skills and roles on its skill assessment platform. In short, DoSelect provides insights into candidates’ skill proficiency that helps recruiters choose the best hire, a decision backed by the right data, without bias. 

Features of DoSelect

  1. Language-specific assessments
  2. 100K strong library covering skills across roles and domains 
  3. Code quality assessments
  4. Machine learning and data science assessments
  5. Social insights  on candidate’s submissions to GitHub and Stackoverflow
  6. Reports with performance insights, deep code analysis, code quality score and more
  7. AI enabled Proctoring 

DoSelect helps recruits engage in skill-based hiring, which assesses candidates based on a wide range of skills. This boosts transparency between the candidate and the recruiter regarding what the company is expecting, and what the candidate has to offer. 

As one of the top tools in the assessment marketplace, the automation and screening provided by DoSelect help personalize interviews based on candidate data. Additionally, it may help redirect candidates to a job opening that best suits their skills. 

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2. HackerRank

At HackerRank, candidate evaluation goes beyond a resume and enables a remote first screening, evaluation and ranking process for recruiters. HackerRank helps provide a personalised hiring experience for the candidates and provides optimum data for recruiters. 

Features of HackerRank

  1. Creation of a role-specific technical assignment
  2. Automatic review, scoring and ranking of candidates
  3. Virtual onsite experience for remote interviewing
  4. Benchmark candidates based on hires for previous roles
  5. Candidate workspace for assignments, with code editor and 40+ programming languages

With HackerRank, recruiters can evolve their hiring process to stimulate a testing environment similar to the job role they may be hiring for. This way, the candidate’s problem-solving skills are put to the test. 

3. HackerEarth 

HackerEarth provides reliable services and automation for recruiters to choose the right hire as an online technical recruitment tool

Features of HackerEarth 

  1. Candidate assessment in over 35 programming languages with an inbuilt proctor
  2. Reports and analytics for each candidate based on performance 
  3. Auto ranking mechanism and performance-based filters 
  4. Input customised questions based on requirements
  5. Host Hackathons to engage the developer community 

HackerEarth provides a suite of tools for recruiting, upskilling and developer engagement as a technical recruitment solution. 

4. Mettl

Mettl is a scalable assessment platform that provides various  virtual hiring solutions. 

Features of Mettl

  1. Conduct coding, cognitive, psychometric, technical, behavioural and language assessments 
  2. Remote proctoring suite 
  3. Real-time data and insights on candidate performance 
  4. Automated scheduling and invites for interviews 

5. CoCubes

CoCubes offers a standardized evaluation platform for students across India. It partners with firms to provide candidates with job listings across roles based on their competence, skills and performance in the assessments. 

Features of CoCubes

  1. User-friendly platform for candidates and hiring firms
  2. Diversified job profile listings 
  3. Cognitive, domain and behavioural assessments
  4. Measures employability across all domains 

6. Aspiring minds 

Aspiring minds provides a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 assessments based on cognitive, language, behaviour and functional skills. With cloud-hosted tools, this assessment platform works on a host of devices, has automated proctoring and is powered by state-of-the-art technologies. 

Features of aspiring minds

  1. Has products like AMCAT, Automata, SVAR and AM situations as different interviewing solutions 
  2. Has automated proctoring and recording of every test
  3. Provides comprehensive feedback to candidates post examination
  4. Helps candidates search for job applications based on their performance and skills 

Aspiring minds provides a standardised aptitude test called AMCAT, which many hiring agencies and companies favour. Hiring through AMCAT occurs strictly based on merit. 

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Final note: 

How do online assessment tools facilitate the hiring and retention of top talent? 

Be it a company that hires in large volumes or small, having a comprehensive recruiting system simplifies the process for recruiters and candidates. From creating a high-quality pipeline of possible candidates to choosing the right ones based on assessments, platforms such as DoSelect help recruiters make decisions supported by quality and validated skill data. 

Further, such tools can also save time and money in the HR and talent acquisition departments, helping them effectively scale recruitment efforts. The assessment outcome data can help the ideal candidate for the job or search for a job that better fits their skills and performance. 


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