7 Hiring Issues in FY24 That Assessment Tools Can Solve
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7 Hiring Issues in FY24 That Assessment Tools Can Solve

AssessmentFinding qualified candidates can be challenging for recruiters in all parts of the world.  Furthermore, recruitment practices have evolved rapidly in the wake of the pandemic.  New work methods, technology, and macroeconomic factors have changed candidate expectations and business needs as well. The digitalization of recruiting processes isn’t the only change in the past 20 years. We are witnessing shifts in a global market, and employees are no longer solely local treasures. 

Business growth depends on finding qualified candidates, so the hiring process should be changed and made easier. To surpass the competition for top candidates, recruiters must stay alert and constantly improve recruitment processes. However, competition for jobs and recruits is fierce. Finding qualified candidates for any job can be difficult. Due to bandwidth constraints, the hiring process can be slow, causing candidates to drop out or have a bad experience. There are not one but a series of reasons why quality hires are becoming a distant dream day after day. With the growing demand for top-notch candidates, the reasons and challenges continue to expand for recruiters. 

We have identified seven concrete challenges recruiters will be facing in FY24. 

1. Finding Top Quality Candidates for a Given Role

Every business struggles to find and hire the best people. It creates fierce competition for screening qualified applicants, making it hard for recruiters to find the best fit.

What can you do to find more quality candidates and create a talent pipeline?

  • Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities mentioned in the JD
  • Make your compensation competitive with the market using data
  • Have a distinctive employer branding to become the employer of choice
  • Allow flexible benefits to the potential candidates
  • Market your job on various social networks
  • Have a pulse on competitive and industry hiring trends

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2. Building the Right and Relevant Pool of Candidates

Whether you want to hire ten or fifty people, you will always need a pool of good candidates to choose from. If your candidate pool is not relevant, it increases your chances of hiring irrelevant or poorly skilled candidates. 

What can you do to build a relevant candidate pool?

  • Define your candidate pool with what skills and abilities are needed for existing and future positions
  • Qualify candidates better at the job application stage itself
  • Use pre-employment assessment tools, to reduce the number of candidates to a small, super-qualified group
  • Classify your talent pool as internal or external
  • Subscribe to the relevant talent-sourcing tools 

3. Ensuring Diversity and Reducing Bias While Hiring

“39% of employers believe that awareness of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) in Indian workplaces falls short.”

Source: IndianExpress

The problem with manual hiring is that you might or might not think about diversity or even get a diverse group of people to apply. Hiring bias usually happens unconsciously but can profoundly affect the quality of your recruitment and the diversity of your workplace. Hiring bias can be dangerous, regardless of whether it happens consciously or unconsciously. It is also evident that hiring bias can manifest itself in your recruitment at any stage of the process.

How can you ensure diverse and bias free recruitment?

  • To help you with diverse hires, it is highly recommended to use assessment platforms that are bias free. 
  • Focusing on strengths and behaviour besides technical know-how in assessments 
  • Assess candidates’ cultures and potential, and identify the right candidates without any unconscious bias.
  • Be on top of your hiring trends and monitor any non-diverse hiring patterns.

4. Wastage of Time and Resources in the Hiring Process

“A recruiter loses 14 hours per week on average to manually completing tasks.”

Source: The Intersect Group

Time and again, recruiters have struggled to bridge the time-lapse and resources consumed between attracting candidates and onboarding them. Manual processes, fractured networks, clunky software, and data unavailability lead to poor team collaboration and reduced recruiter productivity.

How can one work and hire intelligently?

  • Identify the opportunities for automation in the entire hiring process.
  • Make sure all your technology landscape is compatible and well integrated 
  • Leverage platform templates to get started with processes such as assessments, skills validation, shortlisting and onboarding.
  • Manage less with more automated workflows.
  • Use Dashboards to access data and align your recruitment process with business potential decisions.

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5. Updating Oneself with the Changing Dynamics of the Job Market

As technology advances relentlessly, the talent acquisition function must evolve to better serve the job seeker and each organisation’s evolving talent needs. It is not enough to improve your personal methods of attracting and hiring candidates. Nowadays, recruiters also have to update themselves with the latest technology used in the market for easy and effective hiring. 

How can one keep up with the rapid evolution of technology?

  • Learn about and use assessment platforms that ensure spot-on hires in a limited time frame.
  • Learn about the emerging keywords in the industry.
  • Defining the next generation skills needed for your job.
  • Build a personal brand as a recruiter tied to your domain and industry.
  • Test and use new tools with AI, VR and identify what’s best to identify the best talent 

6. Maintaining a Good Candidate Experience Through and Through

As the recruiter for a reputed organisation, it is their responsibility to ensure the candidates experience a smooth hiring process. The aim should be to reflect the company’s ethics while dealing with future prospects. It also helps to maintain good contact with candidates in case a position (re)opens in the future. 

What can you do to make Candidate EX better?

  • Continuous and multiple touch-points for communication
  • Personalise the communication with the candidate
  • Make sure assessments are gamified and get instant assessment results
  • Adopt psychometric tests that have been developed using technology to make them as short as possible.
  • Provide a seamless pre-offer and post offer experience
  • Craft a personalised onboarding experience

7. Assessing and Filtering from a Large Amount of Unfiltered Data

A recruiter’s personal hell is to aimlessly filter through a thousand CVs and still not get relevant hires. The best cure to such age-old problems is to deploy an assessment platform that deals with thousands of candidates with complete surety and expected results. 

What are the ways to filter talent faster?

  • Assess a candidate’s true fit for the job with right skill assessments.
  • Enrich your pipeline at the initial level using deal breaker questions.
  • Leverage industry best assessments in line with the skills required for the job.
  • Screen for culture as well as skills.
  • Make sure your screening tools integrate with your ATS.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. The above issues are expected to plague recruiters in FY24.

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However, recruiters regularly deal with other complexities related to the above issues. They can be costly hires, frequent drop-offs, or the wrong hires. 

All of these factors are crucial to the company’s operation and can severely impact various segments if employment is poor.

We urge all recruiters, TA heads, and hiring managers to pay close attention to the problems listed above. Consider how assessment platforms can make large-scale hiring easier. Request your demo on how DoSelect can help you with the above challenges.

When reputed organisations are opting for easy-to-use assessment platforms, what is stopping you from making the right hire? 


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