‘Automation in HR’ – Gurugram Edition
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‘Automation in HR’ – Gurugram Edition

All Things Talent, after the immense success of its previous talk in Mumbai, embraced the welcoming arms of Gurugram to organize another successful talk on 19th August, 2017, which focussed on the significant concept of ‘Automation in HR’.

‘Automation in HR’ – Gurugram Edition (2)

The event mainly catered to HR Professionals who were interested in obtaining a better understanding of the current trends in Automation Tools and AI, along with their growing importance on the HR landscape.

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Ms. Sheetal Sandhu – Associate Vice President (HR) at Evalueserve, centred her talk on the concept of innovation and how it is important for automation and innovation to work in tandem, as applying automation to existing practices, in her belief, will not lead to the best possible results. She worked her way into the prevalent mindset of people – that technology is the ‘holy grail’ for all of us now, and with the help of visuals established a crucial point that technology is to be seen as an aid, a companion to our activities and not as a direct replacement of everything that we have been doing. She then shared certain statistics of the HR work at Evalueserve, which showed how re-engineering of processes had helped them achieve significant savings both in terms of expenses and the man hours spent in doing the work.

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Mr. Ankit Sabharwal – Head of Talent Acquisition at Magicbricks.com, started off by clearly demarcating the difference between automation and technology, as people often tend to mix the two. He centred his discussion on technology and its digital impact on a business, by citing some methods which affect the process of talent acquisition, such as Data warehousing, data migration, talent networking and process maturity. All these methods can be optimized by integrating them with latest technology. He then briefly described the various means by which technology makes an impact on talent acquisition protocols, such as gamification, social media, mobile technology, psychometric assessments and cloud technology. He also described the benefits of following a Talent Acquisition Maturity Model.

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Mr. Vibhor Sharma – Head of HR Tech at Times Internet, talked about how HR tools and products need to be presented to the users in the same way as any other web-based tool, which complies with the latest trends in design and UI. In a nut-shell, he painted a picture of how an ideal HR tool should be – which is efficient in its implementation and running, which saves time and delivers an exceptional user experience. He compared a sample HR tool to various other commercial web-based platforms to discuss the shortcomings which need to be addressed in order to make automation in HR a successful endeavour.

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Ms. Priya Surana – Senior Talent Partner at Hike, shared her views on Artificial Intelligence, how it is no longer a future prospect but a reality which we are experiencing today. She too furthered the point made by Sheetal Sandhu, that AI is here to act as an enabler for us, and not something which will take away our jobs from us, as it expands its footprint around us. She described the current perception around AI in locations such as Europe for example, where it is facing a mindset shift. The age demographics of Europe suggest that due to a larger share of an old, aged population – people there are forming beliefs that they will not be able to adapt to AI and therefore it may turn out to be a regressive move for them, even if it proves to be progressive for the younger generation.

The event concluded with the presentation of mementos to all the panellists and proceedings were taken forward to a lunch session, which marked the end of all the sessions.

In totality the event turned out to be a huge success, as evinced by the feedback received by our team and we thank all our esteemed guests and speakers for making it so!

See you soon!



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