People Acquisitions – Then Experience and Now Attitude

People Acquisitions – Then Experience and Now Attitude

Your attitude is everything. But people generally don’t have a high level of attitude awareness which can hinder their growth and eventually their success. The author here tries to explain that even though you cannot control what happens to you, but you can certainly control your attitude towards what happens to you.  

He owns a private island and over a few billion dollars of net worth and is a global leader, but when Richard Branson wrote true success is about happiness it might have surprised many, shocked a few and must have inspired a lot of us.

Her ability to relate or say relatability recognized her as America’s First Lady of Talk Shows, however, for Oprah, success was not about how optimized her first name as a brand is or being one of the world’s wealthiest women, success to her is all about feeling fulfilled.

When you ask successful people on their definition of success the response might surprise us. We often define success as something tangible, when in fact, what defines success is our attitude and behaviour. The best way to find out someone’s attitude would be to just ask them. However, since attitudes are related to self-image and social acceptance the responses would be biased to keep up to social desirability and hence the likely response might not be the truth but a response meeting up social acceptability and from a state of fear of being judged.

Given this as a problem, various methods have been developed and most of them had limitations. Having said so, there are few methods that had high reliability and validation. Broadly there are two measurements as per applied social sciences-
a) Direct Measurement (Likert Scale, Semantic Differential) b) Indirect Measurements (Projective Techniques, Implicit Association Tests)

Where am I going with this article? Should everything be structured?

Yes! Success is how we perceive it. And the science of perception defines it as “the way that sensory information is interpreted and consciously experienced”.

People Acquisitions - Then Experience and Now Attitude

How you Perceive Becomes your Attitude

You are not AI, you are not IoT, you are not Blockchain, you are not VR, you are not Robotics, you are not cloud, and you are not Google search. YOU are the Creator. You are not your designation, you are not your bank value, you are not the network you possess and you are definitely not the property/ properties you own.

You are the sum of your words, actions, and choices and you are not your education. You are your health, you are joy, you are learner, you are grateful, and you are kind and empathetic. You are humility & not self-doubt, you are introvert and not insecure, you are an authority and not influence, you are kindness and not weakness, you are introspective, neutral and inclusive and not bias, you are healthy and hence wealthy, you are a privilege and not entitlement.

You are healthy sleep, you are energy, you are nature, you are sustainability, you are a clutter remover, you are teachable & you are hardworking hence lucky.

And if You are above all that, You are neutral & inclusive, and You are the change.

Attitude when kept simple: If YOU made a mistake, apologize and make a point for not repeating the same. If YOU need clarity, ask questions and don’t fear being judged. If YOU appreciate someone, tell them and honestly give a compliment. If YOU are truly stuck, ask for help, this is my favourite, there is nothing easier than asking for help. If YOU earned someone’s trust, keep it & what a fixed deposit to cherish.

IF YOU fall/fail, get back up, you back up but you don’t give up. IF YOU are building something great, invite others to join, the sum total of all is #designthinking.


Success depends a lot on our attitude and perception and the key to becoming successful is to be mindful of our thoughts, responses, and behaviour and then taking the right action. success will help or hinder our progress. We will have to overcome our failures and fears and realize that every setback was perfectly orchestrated to lead us to the last door of success.

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