[Infographic] The State of Employees’ Mental Health in the Workplace

[Infographic] The State of Employees’ Mental Health in the Workplace

Employee burnout is real, and it is not a personal problem; it is a workplace problem. The ever-connected work world, remote working, and the blurred lines between work and home are making the workforce weary. Employees are working hard, and some even overtime. According to a survey conducted by The People Source, 84% of employees work through lunch hour and 29% work on the weekends. This has led to digital fatigue and burnout. Thus, the need for the hour is for organisations to take bigger strides in employee mental health. While some organisations are already doing micro efforts to help employees deal with stress and burnout, it is not enough. It is important to understand the triggers and address their causes.

As a part of the April 2021 edition of All Things Talent Magazine, we attempt to understand the underlying factors that cause burnout and look at ways to address them.

The infographic below details the state of employees’ mental health in the workplace, the things that bring them stress, and how they view mental health concerning their workplaces.

Employee Burnout Infographic

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