Career Growth And Better Benefits Help Curb Attrition 0

Career Growth And Better Benefits Help Curb Attrition

Today, we can see a large number of the Gen X and millennial workforce in India welcome digital workspaces, value work-life integration, and, are embracing flexible workstyles that enable them to be mobile in a personalised way of how they work and live. In fact, the adoption of practices and advanced technology which enable flexi-work and collaboration have been ranked as the topmost reasons for joining and staying in an organisation. Interestingly, only six per of the respondents to a survey stated that they were individual contributors, while eighty-eight per cent worked in cross-department or cross-geography teams, whereas about forty three per cent said that using collaborative technology (messaging apps, virtual meetings, enterprise social networks, etc.) would make a positive difference in working remotely from locations outside the office.

While the reasons are several as to why employees leave their organisations, a majority of these can be classified under three heads —better monetary benefits, better career prospects, and personal reasons. Forty-one per cent of the respondents said that employees leave seeking better pay and benefits. Thirty-two per cent stated that the biggest reason for employees to leave are better career prospects, career progression, more challenging work, etc. and twenty seven per cent pointed out that the major reason for attrition is employees’ personal commitments such as marriage, relocation and health issues. And, fifty per cent recruiters felt that career growth opportunities are essential to retain employees, while thirty eight per cent stated that training and mentoring the employees was important in retaining them.

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