Demand For Top 5 Green Jobs to Rise to 15-20% Every Year: Report
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Demand For Top 5 Green Jobs to Rise to 15-20% Every Year: Report

India’s aim to achieve net zero by 2070 marks a significant milestone in the country’s sustainable development journey. This ambitious goal is also creating a remarkable shift in the corporate landscape. As the government focuses on investing in indigenous technologies and manufacturing skills for climate and resource conservation, the nation is geared up for rapid growth, impacting the hiring practices with a changed focus on hiring professionals in green jobs. Green jobs, including sustainability manager, ESG analyst, social impact manager, climate change adaptation planner, green supply chain manager, governance & compliance specialist, renewable energy expert, etc., are among the most desirable options. Top 5 On-Demand Job Roles And Their Salaries in GCC: Report

Sharing his views on the rising demand for green jobs, Sachin Alug, CEO NLB Services added, “We expect the demand for the top 5 green jobs to increase 15-20% on average every year for the next 10 years.”

As per various reports and studies, India can generate 30-32 million green jobs by 2050. Areas including sustainability, environmental management, governance & compliance, etc., are gaining more demand. Moreover, with companies becoming proactive in acknowledging their ESG agenda, their need to attract relevant top talent is also increasing. They understand the value that these professionals can create and thus, are inclined towards offering competitive compensation packages along with enticing perks and benefits.

Coming to the industries, renewable energy is driving the major demand. Other industries, including technology and consumer goods, are also crucial drivers. Tech companies are also rapidly recognizing the significance of sustainability. Additionally, there has been a rise in sustainable financial products, making the finance industry another crucial driver in this domain. BFSI Sector Sees a Massive Spike in Job Creation in March 2023: Naukri JobSpeakIn conclusion, as the rising focus of both the government and corporates on environmental sustainability continues to shape business strategies, the demand for professionals skilled in this domain will continue to grow.


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