IKEA retailer Ingka Group Announces €110 million gift for co-workers globally
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IKEA retailer Ingka Group Announces €110 million gift for co-workers globally

Ingka Group, the parent company of IKEA, has announced that it will bring a financial gift, called UPPSKATTA (meaning gift of appreciation, in Swedish). This financial gift of €110 million is for all co-workers around the globe to recognize their efforts during the testing times. The final payout will be carried out in January 2022. The gift is for its entire 170000+ direct coworkers which includes 45000 from IKEA India.


The gift is a one-time show of appreciation, in addition to the existing reward packages Ingka Group offers. These include an annual ‘One IKEA’ bonus based on company and unit performance, as well as a one-time pension contribution through the company’s “Tack” loyalty program for co-workers employed for a minimum of five years.

“The pandemic is still here and affects us personally and our business, but we believe in a bright future. This is truly a heart-warming thank you to all of us that we want to celebrate together and share a financial gift with all our co-workers”, says Parineeta Cecil Lakra, People & Culture Manager, IKEA India.

Peter Betzel, CEO & CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer), IKEA India, added here that together the organisation has developed many new skills and delivered amazing results, despite the pandemic and the impact that had on the business. “This gift is to show our appreciation for all our co-workers for the hard work and togetherness. We are proud of them,” Betzel shares.

With IKEA retail operations on 32 markets, Ingka Group is the largest IKEA retailer and represents about 90% of IKEA retail sales.


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