ShareChat Announces Benefits like In-house Nanny Expenses to Fertility-Related treatments for Employees
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ShareChat Announces Benefits like In-house Nanny Expenses to Fertility-Related treatments for Employees

ShareChat, a social media platform, has introduced several unique policies for all its employees, especially women. It is providing special leave allowances and packages around childcare, fertility,
adoption, and miscarriages. ShareChat has decided to allocate five days a year to all its
employees for emergencies related to the health or education of their children. The company will
also provide INR 7000 per child per month, up to six years of age, to all women employees as in-house nanny expenses.

To assist employees in realizing their dreams of becoming parents, adoption support will be
provided by ShareChat in the form of 26 weeks of leave to adoptive mothers of children aged
below 6 months and 12 weeks of leave for adopting children above that age.

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In addition to this, fertility-related treatments like egg freezing and care packages for all expectant mothers will now be a part of ShareChat’s employee health insurance policy. Up to 12 weeks of leave will be provided to commissioning mothers. Employees can also take advantage of the benefit in the form of 5 days of leave for an associate undergoing a tubectomy or vasectomy procedure. In case any partner of a male employee suffers a miscarriage or medical termination of pregnancy, ShareChat will provide up to five days of leave for male employees.

Mitalee Dabral, Vice President – Human Resources, ShareChat and Moj said “International Women’s Day is a celebration of womanhood, and we could not have thought of a better time to launch initiatives that are aimed at providing holistic wellness for all our employees. At ShareChat, we would like all our employees to have not only a work-life balance but also a mental-physical balance.

To further promote diversity at the workplace, ShareChat also provides insurance coverage for
live-in partners including members from the LGBTQ+ community. Paying attention to women’s
health and wellness, ShareChat regularly organizes webinars and Q/A sessions with India’s
leading experts in this field. To celebrate new milestones and loved ones in every employee’s
life, special gifts are given to their newborn babies, children of employees and a curated gift
hamper for their pets.

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Understanding the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion, ShareChat continues to assess its employees’ requirements and will continue to strengthen its policies, taking progressive steps in the right direction.


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