Noise Opens New Office In Gurugram, Revamps Leave Policy And To Increase Workforce by 80% in 2022
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Noise Opens New Office In Gurugram, Revamps Leave Policy And To Increase Workforce by 80% in 2022

Noise, a lifestyle tech brand, today announced the opening of its new office space headquartered in Gurugram, India. Spread over 20,000 sq.ft. the new office houses the existing 200+ employees and the future workforce, as the brand is actively hiring across teams & functions. In the last two quarters, the company has seen significant growth in its employee strength and is expecting it to further increase by 80% by the end of 2022.

Noise premises in Gurugram

With the major workforce being millennials and Gen Z, the brand aims at creating an open, progressive, and new-age workplace environment, paving the way for fresh and new-age ideas to flow in. It provides recreational areas for employees to de-stress and unwind through the day. The new Noise workspace is equipped with a gaming room, infra-red room for rejuvenation, a reading room, desk treadmills & balancing boards, and trainers for fitness, yoga, and meditation. With an aim to help employees address health challenges associated with a corporate lifestyle, Noise is making resources that could help attain a healthy lifestyle, easily accessible to its employees. Employees are free to use these services as per their convenience and need.

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Noise has also revamped its strategy to announce new policies for the workforce. The new “No questions asked” policy is an addition to the company’s leave policy. As a provision under the “No Questions Asked” policy, employees can avail of leaves for up to 4 weeks in a financial year without the requirement of specifying the reason. Additionally, Noise has included LGBTQIA+ & Live-in partners in its Parental Leave policy, and has introduced a Leave Sharing policy in the organization to promote a culture of Unity & Trust.

Satyam Joon, Head of HR, Noise said We are hopeful that the new policies and focus will encourage employees to be independent in making decisions that are best for them, and at the same time foster a culture of well-being, empowering them to have the same faith in the company as we have in them.”



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