This Retail Sales & Execution Company to Hire 5,361 by 2025 and Move to Tier II and III cities
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This Retail Sales & Execution Company to Hire 5,361 by 2025 and Move to Tier II and III cities

retail NextG Apex, a retail sales & execution company, estimated that its manpower will grow at 40% CAGR as it looks to expand its business operations across several verticals – mainly FMCG, health & beauty, and F&B – over the next 2-3 years.

These growth plans will require the support of numerous employment additions across all states and regions of India. Since they already have four regional offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida and Bangalore, they have plans to inaugurate new field offices in eight cities by 2023-2024. While their recruiting focus at present lies in major cities that contribute over 80% of the business, in the future it will shift to include Tier 2 and 3 cities. Approximately 40-50% of all new hires will be from these towns.

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At present, NextG Apex has a headcount of 543 employees that they want to raise to 902 by the year-end, 1,760 by 2023, 3,288 by 2024 and 5,361 by 2025. This expansion is in line with NextG Apex’s steady growth trajectory since inception. It’s their belief that they have managed to sustain this ambitious trajectory mainly due to their ability to hire the right talent with the right skill set at the right time.

Amarnath Halember, Executive Director & CEO, NextG Apex India Pvt. Ltd. says,Our hiring plans are majorly focussed on field operations and thus 70% of the total hiring will add to our feet-on-street fleet. There’s another 20% requirement for mid-level supervisory people, 5% for managerial talent, 3% for backend positions and 2% for top management positions. As our operations are primarily offline, our chief requirement is for on-field jobs. Certain backend positions will offer hybrid working mode, and employees can work from home for 2 days while visiting the office on the remaining days of the week.”

Since a majority of the recruitment will be held at the field-force level, NextG Apex’s regular policy will apply – wherein they will recruit 50% of the talent with relevant industry experience (having a minimum of two years of experience in relevant field), another 25% people will be hired across the industry with an understanding of the category and product lines with similar experience while the remaining 25% positions will be open to freshers.

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“We will train and groom these fresh talents after hiring them according to our business requirements and the positions. This talent layer is a critical one as they bring fresh ideas about our business and we are substantially invested in training them to build the right mix of talent with higher productivity to drive profitable ROI in the cost-to-serve model,” adds Halember.



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