[24]7.ai Launches Buddy Program to Assist New Mothers on Maternity Leave
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[24]7.ai Launches Buddy Program to Assist New Mothers on Maternity Leave

maternity leave[24]7.ai, intent-driven customer solutions and contact center service, announced the launch of a Buddy Program for new mothers on maternity leave. The program is designed to help establish a link between women on maternity leave and the workplace, keeping them informed and updated on corporate developments and team updates. In addition, new mothers who request psychological support are also provided with professional help.

The Buddy will act as a point of contact between the new mother and [24]7.ai, sharing organizational and team updates, as well as the employee’s wellbeing and motherhood experience with the supervisor and team. It will also connect the employee with the Employee Relations team in case of any support is required. The Buddy can be a person of the employee’s choice, nominated by the supervisor or any employee who wants to volunteer for the role. The Buddy Program is part of [24]7.ai’s continued efforts to create an equitable and inclusive workplace for all its employees. The program is in addition to other mom-friendly policies that [24]7.ai already has in place:

  • Baby allowances are provided to employees welcoming a new child into their lives.
  • The company hosts ‘baby showers’ for expectant mothers
  • Special cabs are provided for expecting moms throughout their term of pregnancy for a comfortable and safe commute.
  • Moms-to-be badges are given to employees to ensure special care is given to the expectant mom during her course of pregnancy in the organization.
  • Gift of Time: This is a first-of-its-kind initiative where employees can assist other team members in times of need by ‘gifting’ their leave or off days. Team members can opt to transfer up to 30 days of leave to others in times of need. This is especially beneficial to women seeking an extended maternity break or time off to attend to family priorities.
  • Adoption support policy: [24]7.ai also supports parents who choose to adopt instead of the conventional way of parenting by providing them with maternity leave and baby allowance.

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We recognize that the transition back to work after maternity leave for new mothers needs to be managed in several stages. Our Buddy program is designed to provide the support and resources necessary for new mothers to feel connected with their teams through their maternity leave,said Nina Nair, Senior Vice President & HRD Head, India & Americas at [24]7.ai.


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