All Things Talent 2021: Stories That Created a Buzz This Year

All Things Talent 2021: Stories That Created a Buzz This Year

While 2020 was a year of survival, 2021 proved to be a year of improvement, self-assessment and growth. It reflects in all the stories that trended this year. As 2022 is coming closer, we bring to you all the stories that trended this year.

Top 5 Reads from the All Things Talent Blog that Left a Mark

Here are the five articles:

1. What is Ethical Leadership and Why It Is Important in 2021?

If simply put together, ethical leadership means walking the talk and fair behaviour. This article discusses the current scenario in the global workforce and why we need ethical leadership.  It further shows how such leadership benefits the organisation.

Read the full article here.

2. Performance Management – Fundamental Problems & Key Trends 2021

Performance management systems and key performance metrics have evolved with time. This article discusses current trends and fundamental flaws in the process. It further outlines why we need an effective system for appraisals and steps to improve existing systems.

Read the full article here.

3. Employer Branding vs Employee Value Proposition: What’s the Difference?

Attracting good talent is challenging in the current scenario. That’s where Employee Branding(EB) and Employee Value Proposition(EVP) come into the picture. First, the article defines EB and EVP in simple words. Then, it further explains the difference between the two. Also, show how these two make hiring easier.

Read the full article here.

4. How to Organise the Perfect Virtual Office Olympics

Conducting a gaming event is an excellent way to engage employees. However, planning such an event could be challenging in the current working model. This post lays out how to manage a gaming event online. It covers everything needed to plan an event- game suggestions and tips to keep it organised.

Read the full article here.

5. How to Overcome Leadership Burnout in 2021

Burnout has become part and parcel of job life, especially in this fast-moving world. This post talks about symptoms of burnout and how burnout affects leaders. To sum it up, it also covers tips to deal with burnout.

Read the full article here.

Top 5 Reads From the AllThingsTalent Magazine that Our Readers Loved! 

Here are the five articles that engaged readers the most.

1. From Reducing Carbon Footprint by 50 Percent to Culture-Building at Work: Making an Impact That Matters

In this article, S.V Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India, talks about how Deloitte is reopening offices, keeping the safety and comfort of employees in mind. He also spoke about pressing issues like mental health. Also, he addressed the difficulty of culture building in the hybrid work model.

Read the full article here.

2. The State of Employees’ Mental Health in the Workplace

Work From Home has blurred the lines between life and job, making burnout a common issue. This post covers –

(i) Shocking numbers of employees working beyond office hours

(ii) Reasons that keep employees stressed

(iii) How does overwork impact the mental health of employees

Read the story and have a look at surprising statistics here.

3. Managing Employee Burnout in Current Times

Employee burnout has become more prevalent during the coronavirus pandemic. This post talks about what leads to burnout and its adverse effects. Also, it covers ways to control exhaustion.

Read the full article here.

4. The India Talent Crunch: Why Massive Tech Hiring is Expected to Pick Up Further Steam

Even though the pandemic hit us, tech hiring remains unaffected. On the contrary, hiring even saw a rise. The article covers the reason behind the bank backed by solid numbers. As a bonus, it also covers trends in other industries.

Read the full article here.

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5. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy in Leadership

Pandemic pushed us to an end and tested our emotions. This post discusses how empathy and emotional intelligence are a must for leadership roles (especially in current times). Also, the post shows how to practice empathetic leadership.

Read the full article here.

Ethical leadership, mental health, burnout the topics that trended this year show we are moving in a good direction. We are talking about pressing issues and focussing on employee wellness.

So now, let’s enter 2022 with a bang and keep the conversation rolling. Keep a tab on the All Things Talent homepage to see more of our comprehensive coverage on everything HR and talent. Which topic do you think must be discussed in 2022?


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