Ecommerce Sector Emerges As The Highest Payer

Ecommerce Sector Emerges As The Highest Payer

Today, the Ecommerce sector is still the highest paying sector, and Ecommerce startups tend to pay 20% higher salaries than the other sectors. According to a report, in the 18 month period, Fintech has seen an interesting trajectory. It has not really been a funding guzzler but has paid more for professionals with more experience. This suggests that domain expertise clearly matters when it comes to Fintech. Edtech, on the other hand, has been the slow tortoise amidst fast-moving rabbits. It pays less for high domain experience, as compared to the other sectors. It does seem as if, the way investors have tightened their purse strings during the so-called funding winter, so have Edtech startup founders, when it came to paying top salary. Also, there has been another side effect of the talent-hoarding by ecommerce companies — they became favourite poaching ground for the recruiters.

The report further highlights the salary trends in terms of the highest-paying sector, cities, companies/ startups as well as different departments of the companies such as tech and marketing. The salary trends analysis is based on two data factors: the annual salary package in lakhs and the number of years of experience. In regards to cities, when it comes to salary trends in tech, Bengaluru is the leader and has been considered the best place for tech jobs. Mumbai being the financial capital of India remains in sync with its title and beat the NCR. Surprisingly, Hyderabad has taken the third position, beating Delhi-NCR and Chennai. For the employers, this aspect becomes even more important. Offer too little and you will lose the target candidates silently. Offer too much and you start bleeding money, or worse, attract the wrong kind of people to your company.



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