Why Media Resumes Are Truly A Godsend For Recruiters!

Why Media Resumes Are Truly A Godsend For Recruiters!

Telling a story is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message, so it pairs well with the most emotional medium out there — a video or a podcast! Marketers and salespeople swear by the vast benefits of communicating to their customers or leads via a video or a podcast, as it is one of the best things to opt for if you want your message to be heard.

The trend has caught on in almost every industry, with recruiters and job seekers enthusiastically adopting the media way to hire and get hired! And for good reason too! While media resumes are great for candidates to tell their story, recruiters have a lot to gain — for one, they no longer have to go through thousands of words to find the talent they are looking for!

Read on to know a few more ways recruiters can benefit from video and audio resumes…

Why Media Resumes Are Beneficial To Recruiters…

Here are some ways how media resumes, especially the video ones, can help recruiters hire effectively!

1. More Efficient Than Traditional Resumes

Let’s face it, going through a chunk of resumes with plain text on pages can seem overwhelming, even if the candidate is more than qualified for the role. You need something exciting or eye-grabbing in your daily rut of work and a media resume provides just that respite!

Why? For one, it’s a welcome respite from going through thousands of words and trying to gauge the eligibility of a candidate. You actually get to ‘see’ or ‘listen’ to a candidate well before a formal interview, which can be a great way to assess him/her, especially if the profile is a customer-facing one!

2. Help Save Time And Cut Costs

Most companies have to incur huge recruiting expenses, in the form of recruitment drives or employing the ATS or just arranging an interview for an outstation candidate, by paying for his travel or accommodation.

With video resumes, it is easier for a recruiter to gauge if the candidate could be a potential employee, or not. Since candidates usually have just 60 seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention, a video resume can give you a pretty good idea of who the candidate really is!

They help cut costs for the same reason. With traditional resumes, the hiring manager may not be in a position to know for sure whether a candidate is a good fit or not. Thus, the manager would need to call most of them for an interview, making the sorting process all the more difficult.

media resumes - the new way to recruit

With video resumes, it is easier to know which of the candidates would not be a great fit for the organisation, therefore saving the time and cost of calling them for an interview!

3. Reveal A Lot More Than Traditional Resumes

A candidate may seem ideal from the credentials listed on their resume, he or she may turn out to be less so during the in-person interview. A video resume, however, can reduce the risk and cost of inviting an unsuitable person in for an interview in the first place.

There is a good chance that many seemingly under-qualified yet capable candidates are overlooked because their resumes don’t meet thresholds in terms of educational experience or years of work experience. Video resumes can reduce the risk of so many of these candidates falling through the cracks.

This is because with the help of a video resume you will be able to gauge a clearer picture of the candidate straight off the bat. You will be given a sample of his personality and interviewing style, as well as a more comprehensive understanding of his or her work history.

Basically, media resumes can shine a spotlight on a candidate’s overall potential, they can highlight both experience, and factors like communication skills and presentation — two components that are often missing from a plain text resume.

4. Make It Easier To Find A Culture Fit

As mentioned earlier, video resumes put the spotlight on the candidate’s personality in a much better way than traditional paper resumes. This helps recruiters have a better vantage point and observe the candidate from the point of view of being a cultural fit into the company.

media resumes - boon for a recruiter

It’s the people that make up the company culture and making one wrong hire can have a huge impact, let alone having made multiple wrong hiring decisions. A video resume is just one of the aids in letting you select candidates that meet your company’s goals and expectations, in lesser time and a more convenient fashion.

Evaluating Media Resumes Can Be Challenging Too…

Sure, video and audio resumes are fabulous alternatives to the traditional ones, but that doesn’t mean evaluating them is a breeze!

Imagine downloading each video resume from emails sent by potential candidates…

But it doesn’t have to like that!

Simplify Video Resume Evaluation… With Round Zero!

Iimjobs.com has now made viewing video resumes really simple… with Round Zero! While candidates can use this easy-to-use, built-in tool to record their resumes easily, recruiters too can easily view all the resumes in a single place!

Additionally, recruiters posting a job on iimjobs can also mark it as mandatory, to view only those candidates who have created a Round Zero resume!

Video resumes are the hot hiring trend, one that’s likely to grow and penetrate more workplaces. One thing’s for sure though, for recruiters, video resumes are truly a godsend!


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