Myntra Opens New Sustainable And Inclusive Workplace As It Adopts Hybrid Model
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Myntra Opens New Sustainable And Inclusive Workplace As It Adopts Hybrid Model

Myntra has moved into new premises in Bengaluru, situated on Outer Ring Road at Kadubeesanahalli. Spread across a total area of over 3,00,000 sqft, the contemporary architecture flaunts conversational interiors that are an ode to Myntra’s core viz. fashion and technology and is an extension of the brand’s vision of making the world a more stylish, colourful and happier place. Offering a balance between work, creativity and play, it allows employees the flexibility of working from the office as well as enables in-person collaboration as Myntra enters a hybrid model of work.

In creating this new office project Myntra partnered with Space Matrix and IndiQube.

Spaces that encourage collaborative work and creative thinking

The office is full of spaces that encourage solo deep thinking, focused conversations, and collaboration. Its aesthetic ambience is designed to foster creativity and inspire employees to further live up to Myntra’s MAGIC values of Making It Happen, Aiming High, Being Great Together, Integrity and Customer First.

Design and aesthetics that exudes fashion

The office space exudes fashion, in the choice of vibrant colour palettes, thoughtful art installations, inspiring corners detailing various fashion-based themes, mannequin installations to showcase the latest product launches and more.

Myntra office (Source: Myntra)

Technology is an integral pillar of design

Innovation is the way of life at Myntra! The new office integrates the element of technology in the design of art installations and posters across the office. To add extra excitement and motivation for employees, there is one art installation where shooting stars appear when a person walks by it, prompting people to make a wish, apart from a host of other exciting installations like a giant foot sole made out of scrapped motherboards. 

Continuing with the commitment to the environment and sustainability

The biophilic design principles not only aesthetically bring a sense of natural beauty and serenity to Myntra’s new workspace but make spaces cheerful for employees, both psychologically and physiologically. The creation of vertical gardens, the use of upcycled material for art installations and furniture upholstery as well as integration of rainwater harvesting are some of the environment-friendly steps taken while creating this new workspace.

Myntra office (Source: Myntra)

Employees’ holistic wellness at the heart

The company lays heightened emphasis on employee well-being by providing ample recreational spaces for employees to take leisure breaks in between work. This includes tastefully done comfortable break rooms, book corners, jam rooms, cycling workstations, outdoor gaming areas like volleyball and basketball courts, and arcade games among others.

Inclusive to all

Accommodating choice, flexibility and practicality – a work environment that favours everyone features gender-neutral washrooms and ramps for the differently-abled. The office also has a dedicated crèche area and nursing rooms, as well as designated parking for expecting mothers.

Amit Mathur, Vice-President HR and Real Estate and Workplace, Myntra, who steered the project along with the REW team bringing the leadership vision into reality, said, “We are very excited to have built this workspace, which is a reflection of Myntra’s mission and values and is designed to offer our people the inspiration to do great things. In this project, we are happy to have trusted partners in Space Matrix and IndiQube, who built the vision of bringing our core brand ethos to life, with fashion, technology and sustainability as the key pillars.”


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