Navneet Toptech Aims To Go From 300 To 1500 Employees In The Next Three Years
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Navneet Toptech Aims To Go From 300 To 1500 Employees In The Next Three Years

NAVNEET TOPTECH, a digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India, has announced that it has set its sights on scaling up hiring by close to 5x from its current strength of 300 people. In the span of three years, it aims to hire senior leadership and build a team of 1500 employees. Along with it, they also announced the appointment of Shamik Bhattacharya as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to fuel the company’s growth.

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Shamik’s role as chief technology officer will involve developing, introducing, and implementing new technologies as well as mapping the platform’s technological capabilities. He brings over 18 years of extensive technological expertise, scalable product development, and engineering know-how with brands like Hello Group, Intel Corporation, amongst others.

Harshil Gala, Chief Executive Officer, NAVNEET TOPTECH also added here, “To further enhance the platform’s tech capabilities, we sought an experienced C-Suite leadership. With this enrichment in NAVNEET TOPTECH’s leadership, we aim to bring newer and fresher talent with us and help cater world-class, user-friendly technology and products to schools, students, and teachers,” he further added.

NAVNEET TOPTECH aims to expand by 10x by FY-23.


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