10 Reasons Why All Companies Should Have On-Site Childcare Facility In 2019!

10 Reasons Why All Companies Should Have On-Site Childcare Facility In 2019!

As work and personal time become more integrated, employers should not ignore major transitions in the lives of their employees like a new baby or caring for a sick child. In order to attract and retain the top talent, how can organizations support working parents?

Offering family-friendly benefits and policies is a good start, but it is not sufficient. The most positive impact can come from an on-site childcare benefits programme.

Today’s working parents struggle to find reliable and convenient childcare. An often overlooked solution is offering childcare at the workplace. In fact, only 9% of companies nationwide offer on-site childcare to employees.

According to a study published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, employee performance was higher and absenteeism lower among those who had on-site childcare. And, on-site childcare benefits are not just limited to this, it is essentially the new work-life balance.

How On-site Childcare Can Be Great For Companies

Why Companies Should Provide On-Site Childcare Facilities… 

Here are some of the benefits that companies can enjoy by providing on-site childcare facilities!

1. On-Site Childcare Is A Win For Everyone!

On-site childcare benefits are significant for the employee and employer alike. When an employer offers child care, it shows employees that they are valuable and deserve the convenience of availing an onsite childcare facility.

This offers a medium for great motivation amongst employees and in turn, boosts the growth of the business as well. Now, that’s what we call” fill two needs with one deed”!

2. Better Engagement And Productivity!

In a survey by Bright Horizons, a provider that offers on-site childcare benefits, it was revealed that 90% of parents who use a full-service on-site daycare center reported increased concentration and productivity in the job.

An employee’s attention is glued to the work on hand and not elsewhere. On-site childcare provides employees with a chance to satiate their personal needs, check up on their children through the day, and be able to work with less separation anxiety.

3. Empowers Employees With Flexibility!

Trust and Kindness, followed by Autonomy, are the three most important factors that impact engagement at work. Offering an on-site child care facility instills these three factors amongst employees.

Furthermore, it offers your employees great convenience and flexibility that otherwise would not have been possible.

4. Millennials Seek Jobs With On-Site Childcare!

They may not have children yet, but the millennials are touted to be great planners. Childcare is an important deciding factor for their job search. So offering child care today could set you up for attracting the best talent.

5. Seamless Transition Post Maternity Break!

It is convenient for working parents to make that early morning meeting or stay for a late-evening meeting knowing that their child is being cared for nearby.

Around 90% of new parents claim that jobs with childcare make it easier for them to return to work without any hassles.

6. Today’s Mothers Are Relatively Older!

With family planning options and modern healthcare, mothers are now waiting longer possibly into their 30s to have their first child. This means that they are approaching motherhood while in senior roles.

And so, that means child care will appeal to retaining this valuable segment of the workforce that an employer cannot afford to lose.

7. More Mothers Are Breadwinners!

Their careers are important to them, but so are their children. Majority of households today include mothers who are primary breadwinners for their family. Now, that’s a huge swath of the workforce you don’t want to ignore!

8. More Dads Are Making Parenthood A Priority!

We cannot forget the working dads as well. They too value family and taking care of them. Childcare addresses the realities of today’s modern dads who are just as engaged as mothers in making parenthood a priority. They are just as attracted to jobs with on-site childcare.

9. Offers Emotional Security And Alleviates Stress!

The personal lives of employees impact the workplace with the emotional baggage that they bring with them. Failure to recognize this connection hurts the workplace and this where in-house childcare will fit in well.

In addition, it can also help to reduce tardiness and stress associated with separation anxiety. Plus, children in the workplace can add energy and cheer whilst giving employees a reason to avoid conflicts.

10. Greater Loyalty And Commitment!

Having an on-site childcare center is a huge plus from an employee satisfaction perspective. Even the people who don’t utilize it gain benefit from it because their peers are happier, more reliable as a result of having a center in the workplace.

With everybody working in perfect synergy with greater loyalty, it will move the business up in the right direction.

Looking Ahead… 

While affordable on-site childcare is a resilient benefit especially in a job seeker’s market, on-site childcare benefits are often difficult for some employers to arrange. Firstly, the cost and infrastructure involved in a childcare facility are massive. Another issue is the liability that comes with managing small children without many risks.

However, there are several childcare providers with which companies can tie-up. They can offer an in-house center or also a center near the office. Other alternatives you can look for is to offer subsidies or back-up childcare arrangements.

Certainly, there are costs associated with daycares, but the benefits seem to surpass it with greater returns on investment. Moreover, the decision to offer jobs with a childcare facility should be evaluated to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Childcare can be expensive and tough for working parents, even in the best of circumstances. Smart and compassionate companies who recognize this help employees through this minefield. They understand that on-site childcare benefits matter the most for employee retention. This is not just the right thing, it’s a smart thing!



  1. Great article! Onsite childcare will bring so much relief and flexibility for working parents; especially women who often have to choose between careers and motherhood. Even a small play area in an office can provide respite to employees, who can bring their children when necessary.

  2. Let the article be an eyeopener for many companies.
    I am facing the same issue where i cannot take my 4 year old daughter with me when in need.

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