Quarter Firestarters: Our Pick Of The Seven Best Articles From July – September, 2019

Quarter Firestarters: Our Pick Of The Seven Best Articles From July – September, 2019

With millennials poised to rule the workforce, the workplace environment as we know it, is set to change. The focus is now on creativity, innovation, and a feedback-based work culture that challenges these employees of the future and helps organisations retain them.

With employee experience being critical to the success of the organisation, leaders have to ensure that their employees are engaged, and motivated to give their best shot. Keeping this in mind, we have chosen seven articles from the quarter of July-September, that emphasise on some of the important matters that organisations need to prioritise.

As an HR professional, these should definitely be on your ‘To-Read’ list!

1. A Supervisor Or A Leader? You Decide.

Vishal Naithani

For a leader to be effective, he/she needs to realise that the responsibilities go beyond simply managing a team. It is important for a leader to create a vision for his/her employees to follow, and be so much more than a simple ‘supervisor’. 

Vishal Naithani, a People & Culture evangelist, talks about what true leaders focus on… 

2. From Prescriptive To Predictive Analytics – Are We Ready For It?


With the emergence of AI, data has become a critical component of HR strategies for hiring and retention. However, data analytics is slowly evolving from a prescriptive tool, to a predictive one!

Harini Sreenivasan, a strategic HR leader, explores the guidelines one needs to follow to make the most of predictive analytics… 

3. I’m Bored: The Two Words Companies Need To Take Seriously!

I'm Bored- The Two Words Companies Need To Take Seriously!

What’s the one thing that can hamper productivity and retention rates? Boredom! While there are a lot of reasons that cause it, it’s a challenge to point out one that’s the culprit – considering the fact that employees will never admit that they are bored. So, how do you find out if your employees are victims of boredom? This article should give you some insights…

4. The Comprehensive Guide to Managing Complacency At The Workplace!

The Comprehensive Guide to Managing Complacency At The Workplace

Boredom is not the only thing that leaders need to be wary of. You may often find the star performers of your team slowly sinking into a comfort zone that they don’t want to break out of. Since they earn accolades for what they are already doing well, they might avoid trying something new to avoid the possibility of failure. There could be other reasons for this complacency too. Read on to know more… 

5. Should You Hire a Career Changer? Here’s a Tell-All Guide!

Should You Hire A Career Changer

Opportunities abound when it comes to choosing a career. This profusion of possibilities has led to the emergence of a new kind of employee – the career changer. These are employees who are always on the lookout for something new and challenging, irrespective of the industry they originally belong to. How does this affect organisations? Should you even hire one? Read on to know what we think… 

6. How to Manage and Support a Grieving Employee

How To Manage And Support A Grieving Employee

As we mentioned earlier, employee experience is not just a buzzword anymore. Leaders must ensure that their employees feel valued by the organisation. One of the sensitive issues that might test a leader’s skills is dealing with an employee who has suffered a personal loss. We’ve listed all the ways to manage such an employee… as well as the things you shouldn’t say! Read on to know more… .

And of course… there’s this one!

7. Mission Mangal: Lessons For Leaders On Planet Earth

Mission Mangal

Some movies are not just entertaining. They have the potential to inspire us too. One such movie is Mission Mangal, based on the extraordinary feat that India achieved with its Mars Orbiter Mission. While we are sure you must have enjoyed watching it, given the brilliant star cast, we went a step further and analysed it for something that we all could use and incorporate in our professional lives – lessons in leadership! This one you’ve got to read…

We hope these articles inspire you to keep your employees engaged and in tune with the organisation’s goals. Until the next quarter, then! 


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