How Moglix Has Built A Culture Of Intrapreneurship!

How Moglix Has Built A Culture Of Intrapreneurship!

In its mission to become the next Alibaba of B2B e-commerce, Moglix has managed to cultivate a team of highly motivated individuals who, with their innovative ideas and leadership skills are constantly adding to the company’s unprecedented growth. In three years since its inception, Moglix has made strides in the commerce industry with its focus on creating a conducive work environment which gives a free reign to innovative thinking and by focussing on new ways to enhance technological innovations to serve the purposes of the highly competitive online market space.


In keeping with its vision to revolutionize the manufacturing space, in line with the agenda of the Government’s initiatives like Make in India and Digital India and its simultaneous push for more digital reforms, is the company’s objective to harbour a talented workforce driven to transform how the B2B commerce space has hitherto been organized in the country. By pushing for more technologically based solutions, Moglix strives to occupy a special space in the Indian online marketplace through its robust team of innovative employees from across India.

Best of entrepreneurs constructing young intrapreneurs

With a push to recruit from premier engineering and management colleges, the company’s inclusive hiring policy is all about capitalising on the country’s brightest minds with inculcating in them the entrepreneurial spirit from the word go. The company has also been actively involved in encouraging a younger generation of entrepreneurs in collaboration with NITI Aayog’s Atal Tinkering Lab by organizing sessions aimed at inspiring the youth.

At the same time, the Ratan Tata – backed company’s more experienced colleagues are counted amongst the top stalwarts in the industry. At Moglix, many people in senior roles, especially at the CXO level, have come in through a close-knit network of premier institutes like IIT, ISB, IIM, MDI, XLRI and NITIE which also adds to low attrition rates, which is not something very prevalent among start-ups in India. The collegiate atmosphere from India’s ivy league institutions fosters a strong working culture, ethos and ability to function on the same plane with a focus towards sustainable company growth.

Building innovative and fearless work culture

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In a concerted effort to make India a leader in the B2B commerce space, Moglix’s team of intrapreneurs are constantly involved in brainstorming and coming up with new and innovative solutions to problems that have continued to provide hurdles in the development of a digital – trade ecosystem.

At Moglix, we have various initiatives that help the company cultivate the spirit of leadership and maintain the environment it boasts of. Moglix founder and CEO, Rahul Garg, introduced one such program called the CEO Connect where he meets employees weekly in a group of eight. This helps them understand the company and the founder perspective much better and harbour relationships.

Another such initiative is ‘Free chat with industry leaders’ wherein industry bigwigs visit the workplace to interact with employees. This helps the staff at Moglix to understand and hone their leadership abilities better as well as get an industry insight from various perspectives. IT Veteran Neelam Dhawan and Amit Singhal aka the God of Google Search and Google Maps are two such personalities to have recently been a part of this initiative. Moglix invests in capability building for its employees, through training sessions – both technical and non-technical.


A Sneak Peek

Many employees hold the view that Moglix’s one of the strengths is its work-culture and employee friendly policies.

“At Moglix, we have complete freedom of innovation and creativity. The leadership is quite welcoming of new ideas and work flexibility that helps us become more productive. Today, there is also a trend of ‘cool’ work environment in Indian offices that have blurring hierarchies where the CXO level employees would be working next to the junior or mid-level management. Moglix offers a complete mix of a vibrant environment which helps its employees build better skills and work ethos”  – Gopal Upadhyay, Principle Designer, Digital Products and Brand, Moglix.

In addition to cultivating a talent pool of leaders and entrepreneurs, Moglix is well on its way to make the most of this market space which, according to reports, is expected to reach 700 billion dollars by 2020 in the country alone and seven trillion dollars globally.

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By providing the largest e-catalogue available in the country with its three lakh SKUs in the Maintenance, Repair and Operations(MRO) category in addition to partnerships with 5000+ suppliers across 35+ categories, Moglix has strived to keep one step ahead of its competitors also largely owing to its highly motivated team full of leaders willing to make headways into uncharted digital territory and constantly expanding the scope of the digital supply chain in India.




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