Marico Announces Gender-Neutral Second Career Program Called Phoenix
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Marico Announces Gender-Neutral Second Career Program Called Phoenix

Marico announced the launch of Phoenix, a gender-neutral second career program. It is a career transition program, that will offer opportunities to professionals who have taken a minimum 1-year career break and are keen to return to the corporate world. Marico believes that the program will enable the company to access specialized skills, unique perspectives and will boost innovation at work.

Most companies have their second career programs focused on only women, considering their primary role in childbirth and care. However, with the traditional concept of Indian family undergoing significant changes, the responsibilities of childcare & caregiving are no longer limited to mothers alone.

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Speaking about the new initiative, Amit Prakash, CHRO, Marico Limited commented, “Phoenix, a gender-neutral second career program has been curated to address these tectonic shifts.  We recognise that the new-age workforce envisions their careers very differently. While for some, career breaks may arise out of different life stages or family needs, for others career breaks may mean a chance to pursue their passions.”

To be eligible for the program, the candidates need to have previous work experience of a minimum of two years. The key components of the hiring process include:

  • Project-Based Hiring – The candidates shall be hired as consultants for a duration of 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. The final absorption shall be based on their performance and role availability.
  • Lateral Hiring – Based on experience, the candidates shall be hired directly in lateral roles

The launch of Phoenix is aligned with Marico’s diversity goals and will ensure a diverse talent pipeline. Marico believes that it will help explore the full potential of dynamic demographics, diverse expertise and unique perspectives to further boost innovation.



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