What makes good employees great?

What makes good employees great?


Good employees can be hard to find, and yet are everywhere. It’s largely dependent on employers to make sure that they get the best out of the people they hire. Many professionals at different levels of their career have the potential to be great – it is just a matter of the right amount of self motivation and encouragement from their seniors. Here are some ways in which companies can create an environment that intellectually stimulates their employees in order to achieve their full potential:

Accept and appreciate: Most leaders tend to find it difficult to accept and recognize the positive nature and approach of their subordinates. Identifying and recognizing good work  and giving credit where credit is due helps the team grow and improve.

Allow learning: Learning is a lifelong process and is crucial for the overall development of an individual. One of the key factors that can differentiate a good employee from a great one is the opportunity to learn on-the-job. Allowing people to build new skillsets and improve will build a sense of confidence and will allow them to be more inclined towards performing better.

Flexibility: It is important to note that a good employee is focused on giving his /her best to an organization. In such instances, when the company also shows some level of flexibility, it will only act as an incentive to work better.Providing a single parent a chance to work from home, or allowing an individual to come in at flexible hours, etc. all adds up.

Ownership: Encouraging employees to take ownership leads to a more positive impact.It helps in improving the employee morale to a great extent. Providing a sense of ownership within the company allows the employees to feel more responsible and helps them work more towards improving the overall results of the company.


Recognition and Rewards: Developing a good reward program within the company is essential. It helps promote healthy competition, and allows the employees to work towards improving their output. With a good reward system in place, there will be chances for more creativity and fun. Getting individuals involved and making them feel a sense of accomplishment and pride helps boost morale and team productivity.

Show Loyalty: Loyalty is a two-way street. Just as employees are expected to be loyal to the firm they work for, so are the employers to the resources they hire. It is important for a company to stand by and support the employee. Companies that are able to show this level of commitment and loyalty to the employees will definitely have a stronger and more satisfied set of employees.

Listen up: Often companies tend to overlook the opinions and ideas from people who are relatively quieter.  It is important to not only listen to the loud employees, but also look for the hidden talent. Often the loudest may not be the best, hence looking at the others can bring out true talent and thereby improve the overall performance as well.


Money and Competitive Salaries: Money and a good salary along with strong benefits is also an essential element which can impact the overall performance. Providing competitive salaries and good benefits helps in retaining the employees as well as encourages better performance.

With a few changes by the companies, there is a good chance you’ll improve employee quality and make them great. A happy employee simply means a more successful company.




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