Quarter Firestarters: Our Pick Of The Five Best Articles From July – September!

Quarter Firestarters: Our Pick Of The Five Best Articles From July – September!

It’s hard to deny it any longer — the workplace is constantly evolving, moving away from a rigid, defined structure, to a more flexible and mobile entity. And with these advancements, comes the need for a more future-ready workforce. One that is technologically proficient, and proactive enough to take on the challenges of a dynamic environment.

Keeping this thought in mind, we have chosen the five most definitive articles from the past quarter of July-September, that highlight these elements. Read on to know what you, as an HR professional, need to remember while recruiting new employees, as well as honing the existing ones.

1. Reskilling Is The Need of The Hour!

Reskilling - Quarter Firestarters

AI is slowly taking over every possible inch of an organisation — including HR, which was earlier more of a ‘hands-on’ profession! Tasks such as data collation, analytics, payroll, etc. are slowly being optimised using technology. What does this entail? Reskilling! Read on to know more

2. Work-Life Balance 2.0: Understanding The Growing Need Of Work-Life Integration!

Benefits-Of-Work-Life-Integration - Quarter Firestarters

With millennials slowly taking over the workforce, it is imperative to introduce flexibility into the workplace culture. If ‘work-life balance’ comes to your mind, it’s time for an upgrade! The new concept of ‘work-life integration’ goes a step further to create the perfect synergy between the different aspects of an employee’s life, including work, family, community, personal well-being and health! Read on to know the details

3. How Pre-Hire Assessments Help The HR Hire Better

How-to-Choose-An-Assessment - Quarter Firestarters

Hiring the right talent is now more important than ever — talent that’s well-suited for the concerned roles, and fits into the cultural definition of an organisation as well. It would be foolhardy to depend only on resumes, given how they could always contain misleading information! What the HR needs is a way to find out the true abilities of a prospective employee, as objectively as possible! Pre-hire assessments do just that

4. Why Peer-To-Peer Recognition Could Just Be Your Ticket To Employee Engagement!

How-To-Implement-A-Peer-To-Peer-Recognition-Programme - Quarter Firestarters

Hiring the right talent is just the first step — the challenge lies in ensuring they stay! The sheer volume of opportunities makes the current lot of employees (mostly millennials) potential flight risks. Keeping them engaged and giving them opportunities to grow within the organisation are some ways to entice them to stay on. And while recognition sure is a plus for them, they don’t just need it from the management! Turns out, their peers’ opinions matter a lot too

5. Fresh For The Taking: The Challenges And Strategies Of Campus Hiring

Benefits-Of-Campus-Hiring - Quarter Firestarters

Hiring employees straight out of college might seem like an unwise decision — the lack of corporate experience being one of the reasons! However, given the evolution of the workplace, organisations now need fresh talent — a strategy that can save them a lot of money, and also improve their employer branding! Read on to know how

Millennials are the future! It’s time to start taking them seriously. We, at All Things Talent, have tried to crack the code of retaining them at the workplace. Here are some highlights from the event we held in Bengaluru…

panelist-bengaluru-final - Quarter Firestarters

All Things Talent Talk: Decoding the Talent Strategy for Millennials- Bengaluru Edition

That’s it from our end for this quarter… Stay tuned for the next Quarter Firestarters series!


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